Doris Kids Best Durability Set of 5 10" Exercise Bands / Resistance Loop Bands / Fitness Bands / Leg Resistance Bands / Stretch Bands ?100% Natural Eco-Friendly Elastic Latex Band The Perfect Band for Yoga Pilates & Physical Therapy Arm Exercisers ? Resist

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  • Best quality rubber bands for exercises on the market. Exceptionally tough, super strong and stretchy exercise bands for the workout. Will not break or stretch out of shape and will last for a long time.
  • Suitable For All Fitness Levels- This Elastic Bands For Exercise Can Be Used Together At The Same Time To Create Even More Levels Of Resistance Bands. Creating an Effective Resistant Bands Workout
  • New Carrying Case For All Four Levels of Resistance- Light-Green, Medium-Yellow, Heavy-Blue, X-Heavy-Red and XX-Heavy-Black For POWER Users
  • Lightweight and portable. Easy to use at home, can be used in a hotel room or even an office. Get an intensive workout anywhere. A super alternative to free weights, barbells, fitness machines and other exercise equipment.
  • Best Quality Exercises Bands Set. All 5 Bands For Exercise Are Super Tough and Elastic. Will NOT Break and Will Last For a Long Time. High Durability with LIFETIME Money Back Guarantee



? EXTRA WIDE DESIGN: The FitSkuad Loop Bands were uniquely manufactured with a width of 2 inches. This increased size allows for improved control during exercise, increased durability and toughness, and an overall better workout experience! 
? DURABILITY AND TOUGHNESS: Each FitSkuad Loop Band is taken through a Double Bake Process which entails longer bake and cooling times to provide increased durability and toughness. 
SET OF THREE 10" x 2" FitSkuad loop bands: 
1 Green Band = Light Resistance
1 Yellow Band = Medium Resistance
1 Blue Band = Heavy Resistance 
1 Red Band = X-Heavy Resistance 
1 Black Band = XX- Heavy Resistance 

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